We have a multitude of classes available for both Martial Arts and Fitness that are available for the whole family.

Our Kids Karate classes are available from 4 years upwards with specific classes for younger members as well as open classes with adults for older children to transition, or for families to train together.

The Adult Karate classes are available to everyone over the age of 16. Sessions cover Traditional Karate, Sport Karate, Self Defense and more. We cater to individuals, meaning that sessions can be physically intense for those that are looking for it, or slower and more knowledge/skill based for less physically able members. You do not need to be able to break out 100 push ups followed by 10 minutes in the splits to take part.

Indoor Bootcamp sessions allow you to get “fighting fit” specifically referring to martial arts as these demand such a diverse performance from the body and mind. Martial arts require strength, speed, stamina, stability and suppleness, while also requiring great mental focus.

If you like good music as well as punching and kicking, then FIT2FITE is your thing. FIT2FITE is an harmonious marriage of Martial Art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.

Personal training is available to give you more direction with individually relevant exercises, information and encouragement in focused one-to-one sessions. We also specialise in personal training for rehabilitative purposes.

For adults only, we teach the self defence side of Jiu Jitsu. the styles are Goshin Ryu, Kaiwashi and unarmed combat. for example ground fighting, chokes, throws,arm and wrist locks, leg,foot & ankle locks, weapon disarming, submissions and much more.

Aikido is taught to children and adults. It is effective and effortless, utilising body-taught techniques, free of tension and therefore, making training suitable for all people, male and female – regardless of size or strength.

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