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Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu Karate has been operating in Auckland since 1971 as well as being taught in over 20 countries world wide. Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu was founded by Soke Hoshu Ikeda in 1969 who based the style on the teachings of Kyan Chotoku, one of the original masters or Shorin-Ryu Karate.

Shihan David Bennett was one of the first students in New Zealand having started in 1971 and is now the head instructor for Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu within New Zealand. We are a very family focused style with 3 generations of the Bennett Family all currently training and teaching at The Dojo. Our classes throughout the week are setup in such a way that parents can choose to train in the same class as their children if they so wish.

Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu is a founding member of Karate New Zealand, the governing body for Karate in New Zealand. We continue to achieve success competitively with National, Oceania and Commonwealth Champions.

Find out more at the Jyoshinmon New Zealand Website

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