Kids Karate

Build self-confidence and discipline. Learn self-defence and get fit while doing so!

We offer both traditional and sport karate training for all ages from 5 years up. Our club has produced winning competitors in national tournaments and international championships where they have represented New Zealand.

Most of our instructors have been living Karate for decades and have been teaching Karate in Auckland for nearly 50 years. During this time they have taught thousands of children. You can be safe in the knowledge that the tuition your children receive is of the highest quality.

Find out why karate is not only a popular martial art but a lifestyle choice for many.

Cultural exchanges

We alternate visits to and from Japan each year. In 2019 we are sending a team of 35 members to Tokyo and Kagoshima where they will take part in an anniversary event attended by Karate practitioners from over 20 other countries.

In 2020 we will receive a visit from Japan who will live and train with our members in New Zealand.


We regularly run our own club mini competitions as well as attend regional and national competitions throughout the year. Our members and instructors regularly represent New Zealand as coaches, referees and competitors including Oceania and Commonwealth Champions.

Looking for more information about our Kids Karate classes?

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