Jyoshinmon Karate Pricing

Below is the pricing for our Karate classes. If you are interested in pricing for our Indoor Bootcamp, Yoga, FIT2FITE, Personal Training or Jiu Jitsu classes please check out our Membership Options.

Free Trial

Your first 2 classes are free to trial. No fees, no membership forms. Just wear something loose and give it a go.


Family discounts are calculated according to the number of members from the same immediate family. Please ask when joining about any family discounts available to you.

Payment discounts are available for 12-month terms. Please note that you cannot have both family and payment discounts.


Standard membership is limited to 2 one-hour sessions per week.

Unlimited membership has no restrictions.

Juniors (Under 16 years old):Monthly Fees:
Standard Membership$55.00
Unlimited Membership$65.00
Seniors (16 Years and above):Monthly Fees:
Standard Membership$65.00
Unlimited Membership$75.00
Casual (All ages)Fees:
Casual (per session)$15.00
Personal Karate Training – 1 Hour (1 Student)$60.00
Personal Karate Training – 1 Hour (2 Students) $80.00
Personal Karate Training – 1 Hour (3 Students) $90.00
Other Costs:Fees:
Annual Affiliation Fee (payable by all members at the beginning of the calendar year)$50.00
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