Venue Hire

The Dojo is available for hire on a regular basis and for one off events. There are two training rooms and one office space.

Located centrally in West Auckland at 12 Stock Street, New Lynn, with free on and off-street parking available.

Easily accessible from the North Western Motorway and the nearby suburbs of Avondale, Kelston, Blockhouse Bay, Green Bay and Titirangi.

Please contact Chris Bennett by email to to enquire about hiring our venue.

Kitchens – One on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Complimentary hot drinks for members
Shower – Plenty of hot water
Toilets – Two on the ground floor

Main Dojo

The Main Dojo is on the ground floor and is suitable for training without footwear.

20 x 8 square meters with a soft tatami mat floor

Stereo – radio, usb, bluetooth, audio jack
Seating Area – 20+ people
Filtered Water Cooler
Changing Rooms – male and female
Storage Units – one for shoes on entry and another for bags and other belongings (please note: use of these storage units is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any lost belongings)

Mirrors – to aid technique correction
Resistance Bands – 6 anchor points with interchangeable bands and attachments
Punching Bags – 2 different densities for impact techniques
Makiwara – wooden posts for conditioning training, one with leather covering and the other with rope

Weights – Various dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, slam balls, wrist and ankle strap weights
Balance Equipment – 1 wooden board, 2 Bosu boards, 4 Swiss balls
Pads – 6 pairs of focus pads, 2 small kick shields, 2 large kick shields, 2 kick paddles
Cardio – Cross trainer, rowing machine
Other Equipment – skipping ropes, various resistance bands, 2 suspension training straps, batons, 4 foam rollers, 8 step boxes, 1 jump box, cones, reaction balls, speed ladder

Upper Dojo

The Upper Dojo is located upstairs on the first floor and is suitable for training without footwear.

11 x 6 square meters of tatami mat flooring

Air Conditioning – set temperature wall switch
Kitchen – available with complimentary hot drinks for members
Seating Area – 10+ people
Storage Room – shelving and floor space

Stereo – radio, usb, bluetooth, audio jack
Punching Bag – free-standing soft bag appropriate for beginners
Weights – barbell, dumbbells
Other – focus pads, 2 step boxes, speed ladder


cubic meters of carpeted office space

Air Conditioning – remote controlled heat pump
Display – pin board and white board
Storage Room – shelving and floor space
Power Outlets – 4 double sockets and 1 four socket outlet evenly spread across the space

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