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“Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves”


FIT2FITE is a harmonious marriage of Martial Art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.

FIT2FITE is a non-contact martial art based aerobic experience. It incorporates proven fighting techniques and combinations that are versatile and stimulating.

What makes FIT2FITE unique?

The FIT2FITE Four Step Format (4S4) template provides trainers with credible alternatives and flexibility within a structured format.

The tempo or beats per minute (BPM) of the class enables participants to execute moves safely, technically and with the requisite intensity.

FIT2FITE is founded on Traditional Karate principals of training.

  • Emphasises toning through, technique, tension and intensity.
  • Incorporates proven competition fighting techniques.
  • Designed to suit all abilities, from novice to elite athlete.
  • The absence of choreography and focus on realistic combinations attracts men, women and juniors to the classes.
  • The pitch and intensity of the class is uplifting and tailored to the music.
  • The tempo enhances safety and progressive technical development.
  • A self-regulating all over body workout that develops strength, stamina and      suppleness.
  • Cost effective as it requires no apparatus.
  • Challenging and facilitates versatility within a structured format.
  • An ongoing learning experience that continually stimulates and builds confidence.

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