Indoor Bootcamp

Our Boot Camp is taken by current and former NZ National Karate Team members with decades of experience between them. The classes are developed to improve athletic performance of martial arts while also making everyday life easier by developing physical fitness and strength, range of motion and a positive attitude.

We are about getting “fighting fit” specifically referring to martial arts as these demand such a diverse performance from the body and mind. Martial arts require strength, speed, stamina, stability and suppleness, while also requiring great mental focus.

What makes Dojo Fitness Boot Camp unique?

Our program is for people of all ages to help make everyday life easier and more enjoyable, while also helping martial artists compliment their formal training!

  • Indoors and all year round: no excuse about the weather!
  • Train on soft tatami mats in a DOJO (Japanese name for martial arts training venue)
  • Barefoot training: gives a constant balance element to training
  • Sufficient Warm-Up: 10 mins progressive intensity to minimise risk of injury
  • Flexible to suit all abilities: a variety of weights & equipment to ensure your safety
  • Time-based training: work to your fitness level without unsafe pressure to reach ‘x’
  • Constantly varied: Sessions differ each time to keep your body adapting and prevent your fitness results hitting a plateau
  • Sufficient Cool-Down: the last 15 mins are for stretching to improve range of motion and counter DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Based on martial arts training principles

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